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I'm Mahara, dedicated to empowerment, mindfulness, and a touch of badassery. With nine years of coaching rooted in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, I offer practical tools and profound insights to help you thrive personally and professionally. As a Certified Mastery Method Coach and author of "Essential Insights To Living Your Best Life," I support your journey with energy, compassion and proven techniques. I also host "The Art of Badassery" podcast, exploring audacity, resilience, and confidence with inspiring guests who are definitely badass! Proudly serving as a board member of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs, I'm committed to fostering growth in our community. Join me in the "Build Your Best Badass Business" group coaching program with empowering modules, exercises and strategies to create a life and business that aligns with your deepest desires.

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Welcome to the "Becoming Badass" Podcast Series – your VIP pass to a life of unstoppable success and fulfillment! I'm Mahara Wayman, your badass coach, and I'm thrilled to be your guide on this exhilarating journey of transformation.

In this exclusive FOUR-PART PRIVATE PODCAST SERIES, we'll dive deep into the fundamental principles that define what it means to be a true badass. From mastering your mindset to conquering obstacles with confidence, each episode is packed with actionable insights and strategies to help you unlock your full potential and live life on your own terms.

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"I can't believe the incredible transformation I've undergone with the guidance and support of my phenomenal life coach! Working with Mahara has been an absolute game-changer, taking me from feeling stuck in a rut to embracing my inner badass with unwavering confidence."


"Mahara helped me let go of old narratives that had kept me stuck and playing small in my work and life - I'm so grateful!"