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Hi, I'm Mahara!

A mom, wife, friend, sister and daughter. I’ll show you how to live your absolute BEST life instead of settling for your "good" one.

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Are you tired of...

▶︎ feeling only okay about your life? 

▶︎ wondering if there is more out there for you?

▶︎ being happy enough but still feeling that something is missing?

Pssst...I'm here to remind you that wanting more is OKAY.

I understand because I was once there too.

Does this sound familiar?

▶︎ You have a GOOD life, but it doesn't light you up.

▶︎ You're happy enough but wonder why you feel off sometimes.

▶︎ You yearn for something more but don't know what or how to get it.

▶︎ You have nothing to complain about but nothing to get excited about either.

The great news is you've come to the right place, and I've got your back! I can help you understand why your "good" life isn't good enough and no longer checks those boxes.

My Coaching Approach

Get clear on what you want, and use powerful tools to help you live your best life!

Using the Mastery coaching method, I gently guide you to a place of crystal clarity with compassionate self-forgiveness and bold exploration. This allows you to transform from the inside out, effecting lasting change. Here's to you! 👑

Essential Insights Subscription Workshop

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Pick and Grow Series

Focused support in your own time. This course includes a 1:1 coaching session, a workbook, and journal prompts.


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Group Six-Month Coaching

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1:1 Six-Month Coaching

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Once we connect, you'll begin to explore:


✓CLARITY on why you feel the way you do.

REDEFINING yourself and what SUCCESS means to you.

REALIGNING your ACTIONS with your goals, dreams and values.

MOVING from your OKAY life to your BEST life.

ENJOYING your life with a sense of excitement.

RE-ENERGIZING your commitment to step into your best life yet. 

Book a complimentary Badass Breakthrough Session and learn more about how I can help you.

Book A Badass Breakthrough Session

"After throwing myself wholeheartedly into the coaching sessions, I now have tools to use to address the things in my life that I've been denying, avoiding or only dreaming of. 

The group sessions were a safe place to lay bare my personal concerns. It was good to hear others are in the same place and facing the same issues."

- Anna

"I am endlessly grateful for what you did for me. I am on my way to transformation, and your guidance was very important to me. I won't forget about it. Thank you for that! 
PS: I felt cared for, sometimes overemotional, warm and safe with you, like I have known you for a long time already."