Harness your voice, declare your worth and flourish in your career!


You are an intelligent and successful professional looking to feel happier in your career.

Sound Familiar?

Do you struggle to find motivation at work?
Does your internal monologue sound more negative than positive?
Are you are beginning to withdraw from robust conversations with peers?
Are you are feeling less and less empowered to succeed?

My name is Mahara, and I am an Empowerment Coach with years of experience.

The good news is that you are not alone, and your work-life does not have to be like this.

You can feel confident, happy, energized and empowered.

I can help you rewrite your script and transform your work-life into your dream life! 


Mahara is extremely considerate to each person and allows for everyone to have time to express themselves.  The overall experience is one of feeling welcomed, heard and understanding ourselves more as each day unfolds.


The modules build on each other and I had a real sense of progress and growth after each session. She strategically led the sessions and does not fail to leave us with helpful insights, ideas and questions to reflect on. I feel ready to take on my dreams!


Being able to work through the modules has given me a chance to discover how much I have always done to make others happy both in my work life and in my personal life, and it has given me ideas and practices to help empower me to make the changes I can to help make me happy too.



"I'll show you how to harness your authentic voice, declare your worth and flourish in your career."