I’m Mahara; a mom, wife, friend, sister and daughter.
I am also a coach, an author and a motivational speaker. 


For me, your development is personal.

It's possible to be happy after a significant transition or disappointment, and I am proof of that.
After years in my chosen profession, supporting others in transforming their lives, I realized I was missing something.
I decided to create my dream life, which spoke to me and filled my cup.
Today, I help women find their truth and confidence to move from the story they are stuck in, to the story they love.


Mahara is extremely considerate to each person and allows for everyone to have time to express themselves.  The overall experience is one of feeling welcomed, heard and understanding ourselves more as each day unfolds.


You said you had an audacious intention, and you delivered!
There was so much value, empathy, nurturance. Your genuine desire to help and offer us powerful takeaways came through in abundance.


Being able to work through the modules has given me a chance to discover how much I have always done to make others happy both in my work life and in my personal life, and it has given me ideas and practices to help empower me to make the changes I can to help make me happy too.



"I'll help you create your new life with clarity, confidence and community!"