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1:1 Six-Month Coaching

Elevate your journey with my 1:1 Six-Month Coaching, a high-touch experience tailored to your challenges. Benefit from three 60-minute Zoom sessions monthly, ensuring focused support for your personal and professional growth.

Why Coaching?

✓You will gain clarity about your challenges and goals

You learn to identify where you are and where you want to be

You have support in developing the steps needed to bridge the gap

You learn strategies and techniques to reach your goals quicker

You learn to overcome challenges and connect with your true self

You examine and assess all possible options

How does it work?

We will connect by three 60-minute sessions over Zoom each month.

These sessions allow us to go as deep as needed to support your growth. They allow time and space to explore comfortably, so you feel held as you transform into living your best life. 

Book A Badass Breakthrough Session

The most incredible growth happens when we are encouraged to change, supported along the way, and empowered to be our best!


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